About Us


Our welfare association provides everyday meals plus basic medical facilities for the poor and needy in an effort to improve life standards.


Education is the only weapon to eradicate injustice and inequality. It is the basic right of every child. We campaign to provide educational facilities.

Water Management

Our management provides equipment, teaches proper skills, and teaches techniques of rainwater harvesting in places devoid of water fit for consumption.

Hackney Foundation is a NGO as well as a non-profit association. Hackney Foundation is working for the well-being of people, serving equality in terms of health, and increasing learners education.

Education has no boundaries. The aim of our community is to provide aids for proper education to students coming from every age group. Hackney Foundation works for the betterment of every human.

Regular medical campaigns are held to ensure the sound health of many citizens. Medical kits are given for free by our organization along with everyday meals to poverty-stricken individuals as a part of the campaign.

Many places in the world face a severe water crisis. We ensure proper water harvesting equipment is provided along with techniques to help save resources for later consumption. Water is life and we need to conserve it so let’s conserve water together.

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Our Staff & Volunteers

Hackney Foundation is a welfare society comprised of several staff and volunteers whose main objective is to share the value of equality with the gift of happiness amongst everyone. We volunteer and donate our time for this noble cause in order to help save humanity.

  • Adamu Makinwa
  • Casper Lundin
  • Thomas Gagné
  • Christina Morgan
  • Markovics Zoltán
  • Jacolien Hendriks
  • Isabela Barboza
  • Juhani Virtanen
  • Phan Châu
  • Kuzey Ünal
  • Juan Rubio
  • Marko Mlakar
  • Kelly Lambert
  • Walid Ahelluc
  • Ernst Graf
  • Lore Smets
  • Camiel de Graaf
  • Ladislau Berindei

Tayri awragh

Hackney Foundation is a non-profit community for people everywhere. We are happy to help inspire happiness in an effort of betterment for our society. Gathering support contributes to the continuance of this amazing program.

Howard Porter

Education is the key to success. Our new and upcoming events are based on educational campaigns so that every child gets an opportunity to enlighten the genius within them. Education is the key to success.

Ayoub Ameqran

In order to save mankind we need to save nature. We promote greenery to help revive the world and spread the word about pollution so that people know the adverse effects they have on our environment.