Hackney Foundation is a welfare association whose main objectives are education, health, and water management. We concentrate on these primary areas of life in order to provide equal platforms to each individual. Over the years our honest and dedicated efforts have changed many lives. We organize events and campaign especially in places that are lagging behind or are lying below the poverty level.

We work together effortlessly as a team for noble causes that need your urgent attention. Education is the one and the only weapon to eradicate inequality and injustice. Humanity and compassion are the main mottoes that we carry and these have helped us to bring better days. Our community foundation provides aids for free education for children coming from backward classes and family. We also arrange mid-day meals for them and provide everyday meal and free medical campaign.

Water management is the crying demand of the century, clean and safe water for consumption is the most essential resource to sustain a healthy livelihood. Every individual cannot afford the cost of purification and building reservoirs for water in dry places. Hackney Foundation’s involvement has changed the view a lot. We provide proper aids in terms of management, skills, and equipment to save water by rainwater harvesting. Our management team spreads awareness and knowledge of water conservation. The previous years’ progress in all these fields shows our success in achieving positivity. We are now heading towards changing the lives of millions who are still deprived of the basic amenities and rights. Let us all stand against all social and environmental evils and make this world a better place to live.