Privacy policy

Privacy Policy
Hackney Foundation is a non-profit organization and an NGO which works to safeguard the social, economic, and political equalities of every individual. The privacy policy describes the rules and regulations the management of Hackney Foundation follows and how the team works accordingly for the betterment of human rights.We keep records of our partners, visitors, and members to stay connected with our entire community. Hackney Foundation as a non-profit organization does not promote or advertise about associations in profit oriented terms. People working under Hackney Foundation have willful and selfless contribution to the organization and do not have any motive towards financial earnings from the company. We do not promote any financial profit earning strategies. This is a welfare association working only for the well-being of the citizen of the city as well as people all over the world who are deprived of their equal rights due to social, political, or economic barriers.

Information Gathering & Use
We collect information when you:

  • Make a donation
  • Sign up to our campaign*
  • Sign up to stay updated*

  • *We will not collect or record any of your personal information unless you choose to provide it to us, in which case all information will be kept secure to ensure your confidentiality.

    Use of Personal Information
    We use the information you give us in the following ways:
  • To make sure we have an accurate record of all donations received.
  • To email you with news and information about Hackney Foundation and our campaigns (Only if you have agreed to receive our newsletter).
  • To make sure you are receiving the most appropriate and relevant information.
  • To collect more information about you and other people who may visit our website, donate, or join our campaigns.

  • Security:
    We use popular proven technology and apps for payments and/or donations. We work virtually however we do ensure the highest security of our volunteers, members, and partners.
    Everything is done under legal supervision. Disrespecting the policy terms and regulations is a punishable offense. Hackney Foundation will not be held responsible for such cases.